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ICU Renovation: VA Central Iowa Health Care System

May 6th, 2019 | Case Studies - Healthcare | Share
Des Moines VAMC ICU Remodel

Remodel ICU/Telemetry for Patient Privacy

Client: VA Central Iowa Health Care System, Des Moines, Iowa

This project includes design services for:

  • Remodel of entire fifth floor in building 1W for Intensive Care Unit space: this 9,723 SF space will have nine ICU level care rooms and a centralized nurse station
  • Phased remodel of existing ICU/Telemetry space on third floor in Building 1W for Telemetry space: a 2,456 SF area of the existing Telemetry unit and a 5,022 SF area of the existing ICU unit will be remodeled for ten Telemetry-level care rooms and a telemetry monitoring station
  • Installation of new AHU to serve the new ICU space in 5W and existing ICU/Telemetry Space on third floor in building 1W, including a 400 SF penthouse around new AHU

This design decentralizes nursing staff to improve staff flow, providing two medication rooms, two nutrition rooms and two linen rooms. Large medical equipment rooms are provided for each department, and both a large centrally located nursing station and a smaller nursing alcove are provided as well.

Each ICU room is outfitted with an overbed medical gas and power supply boom that pivots from a mounting over the patient bed. This will provide power and medical gas to equipment that can be conveniently placed near the foot of the patient bed for staff accessibility. In addition to the single boom, each ICU room will have a Patient Service Wall that is supplied with multiple electrical outlets and a full complement of medical gases.

This remodel will also require the selective renovation of the existing second and fourth floor levels, to provide infrastructure for the primary floors to be renovated. This scope is primarily mechanical/plumbing work. Due to the occupancy of levels 2 and 4, this work will be challenging and include substantial demolition and reconstruction of ceiling systems. The project also includes renovation and new work located above the fifth floor level, involving the existing mechanical penthouse located at the roof level above.

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