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Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Implementation, Genlyte Thomas Lighting, Sparta, TN

July 10th, 2015 | Case Studies - Industrial | Share
Reliability Centered Maintenance, Genlyte Group logo

Genlyte Thomas Lighting was relocating a major product line from Barrington, New Jersey to the Sparta, Tennessee location. This client wanted to ensure minimal equipment downtime, because this product was the highest profit producer within the entire corporation.

Paradigm implemented Equipment Downtime Reduction Management (EDRM) across the entire line, as well as training in-house personnel on ownership of the concept. With this new concept, Paradigm assisted the client in fully implementing all aspects of EDRM, rendering a SPC directed preventive and predictive maintenance system, semi-automated work order management system, spare parts management, visual maintenance applications, and “MacGyver” maintenance techniques taught to all personnel. Overall, this increased OEE by 40% over the first year of operation. This performance assisted in the corporate managerial decision to move another product line from the Tupelo, MS plant to the Sparta, TN plant.