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Simulation Lab Renovation: John D. Dingall VA Medical Center, Detroit, MI

April 30th, 2019 | Case Studies - Healthcare | Share
Detroit VAMC Simulation Lab

Installation of Simulation Lab for Education

Client: John D. Dingall VA Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan

Paradigm’s goal with this Detroit VAMC Simulation Lab design was to provide a new simulation lab and other spaces for the nursing education department. This 3,280 SF storage and lab area space was therefore renovated. The lab space had fixed furniture/casework that needed to be demolished, and the fume hood was removed for future reinstallation. Paradigm also created phases for the construction so that access to the OR specimen room was maintained at all times.

The scope of this project included:

  • Simulation room: procedures are practiced in this space; patient area visible via one-way glass in AV control room
  • Patient room: includes TV monitor, sink, counter, medical gas panel, patient mannequin, patient lift, TV
  • AV control room: adjacent to simulation room and patient room; houses computers with simulation video storage; casework workstation for 3-4 computers; intercom and camera system
  • Skills testing room: used for training and storage of educational equipment; houses ultrasound machine and moveable tables
  • Office
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) room: space where nursing staff obtain/maintain their independent BLS certificate
  • Debrief room
  • Palms storage: existing space, which was a lab, was renovated into a storage area
  • Housekeeping Aide Closet (HAC): renovated existing restroom into housekeeping closet with mop sink
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