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Chemical Storage Room Renovation: Tinker Air Force Base, OK

July 10th, 2015 | Case Studies - Military | Share
Tinker Air Force Base renovation

Design/Repair Chemical Storage Room in B3113

Client: Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Paradigm created code compliant design and construction documents for the repair/ renovation of an existing facility, a portion of Building 9001, into a Chemical Storage Area. The scope included:

  • Design of a four-hour fire rated envelope to contain and isolate the new Chemical Storage facility from the surrounding factory occupancy. The applicable codes also require a two-hour fire rated wall to isolate the flammable materials from the combustible materials storage.
  • Engineer/design superstructure and foundation to safely support a four-hour fire rated ceiling cap over entire new Chemical Storage facility, that isolates and protects the existing building roof.
  • Provide structural analysis of existing support structures that could incur new imposed loads because of this project and provide engineer/design modifications to the existing structures as required.
  • Engineer/design a new two-hour fire rated CMU wall and foundation to have two fire-rated door penetrations, one 3-foot x 7-foot personnel door and one 8-foot x 14-foot vehicle overhead coiling door.
  • Provide roof patching, curbs, counter-flashing and other components as required for this repair and renovation project.
  • Place new equipment curbs, platforms and catwalks at a height that will allow proper flashing and installation of future re-roof over a minimum of 8-inch rigid insulation, per NRCA.
  • Provide weathertight flashing at all exterior wall penetrations of piping and ductwork.
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