The slightest doubt means “No, it can’t.”

Force protection and Physical Security measures aren’t just buzzwords invented to make people feel better about an increasingly dangerous world. They are in fact an integral part of any risk management plan. They also happen to be proven life-savers and they might even save you money on insurance.

As a Veteran-owned company, we at Paradigm are intimately familiar with the advantages of implementing anti-terrorism and counter crime measures. We can honestly say that almost everyone who needed these measures never actually thought they needed them, but they were sure glad they had them when the time came.

We see things you don’t
Site lighting.
Controlled access
Occupant tracking
Security cameras
Specific intrusion detection
Traffic control
Window/door break detection
Perimeter anti-ram fencing
Controlled access barriers

What do anti-terrorism and
force protection measures entail?

  • Traffic control — Pedestrian and vehicular enhancements.
  • Enterance screening — Includes weapons detection.
  • Parking Stand-off — Via anti-ram devices.
  • Secure access — Via CAC/PIV.
  • Clear zones from building
    No storage of materials, vehicles, receptacles.
  • Anti-blast protection — Columns and walls.
  • Cac-actuated gates.
  • Monitoring by cctv — As well as intrusion detection.
  • Site lighting.
  • Glazing — Laminated glass/anti-gragmentation film for windows and entrance doors.
  • Doors and hardware — Capable of being remotely locked and unlocked from Security/Police station.
  • Controlled access — Within the facility (Offices, operating areas, elevators, etc.)

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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