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Radiology Renovation: Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

May 8th, 2019 | Case Studies - Healthcare | Share
Philadelphia VAMC Radiology Rooms

Site Preparation for Radiology Rooms

Client: Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Paradigm is providing complete design and construction documents for this project, the renovation of Radiographic/Fluoroscope Rooms 3A195, 3A201, 3A203, and 3A214, including all associated control rooms and restrooms, for the replacement of medical equipment. The scope area for this Philadelphia VAMC Radiology project is approximately 1,600 square feet.

During the renovation, the goal of the department is for at least one suite to remain operational. To allow for the suite to remain partially operational during construction, a phasing plan illustrating three phases has been included as part of the design package. At the beginning of the first phase, Fluoroscopy Room #6 will be demolished and used as the contractor staging area.

Casework within the control rooms will be removed and replaced with new plastic laminate cabinetry. A solid surface countertop will be provided. In addition to the new casework, the control rooms will get completely new finishes.

Welded sheet vinyl flooring and wall paint colors will continue into the procedure area to create a cohesive environment that is easily cleanable. All colors and finish types will be coordinated with the VAMC facility designers. The existing ceiling and grid will be demolished and replaced with the facility standard ceiling tile and grid.

The renovated restrooms will receive updated floor tile and base, a solid surface wainscot with mosaic tile accent strip for easy cleaning, and a repainted ceiling. All existing plumbing and lighting fixtures will be protected and reused. New grab bars and a semi-recessed trash can will be provided and installed by the contractor. Other toilet accessories (mirror, soap dispenser, metal shelf, toilet paper holder) will be removed during demolition.

Paradigm will ensure that electrical service remains continuous to all areas of the hospital outside the scope of this project.

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