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Surgical Renovation: James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

April 29th, 2019 | Case Studies - Healthcare | Share
Mountain Home VAMC Surgical Clinic Renovation

Renovate Surgical Clinics E-1 Wing

Client: James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, Tennessee

Paradigm provided architectural and engineering services for the surgical clinic renovation of the south end, west side, and nurse’s station area of Mountain Home’s VAMC, Building 200, E-1 wing. The 7,366 SF scope area serves as a Surgery Clinic. Patients visit the department for both preparation and post-surgery follow-up visits with medical staff. The department had suffered from poor staff and patient flow, including waiting areas remotely located from one another.

The spaces located above and below the Mountain Home VAMC’s Surgery Clinic are both occupied. Directly below the Surgery Clinic there is a specialized Surgery and Radiology Holding department, while the area directly above the Surgery Clinic is an in-patient Mental Health department.

Paradigm therefore created four phases for renovation, as the work impacted the Surgical Holding area on the floor below the Surgical Clinic. The construction affecting this clinic only occurred when the department was not occupying the space – after normal business hours, on holidays, weekends and nights. The impact to the floor above the Surgery Clinic was limited in scope.

This renovation added nine new Exam rooms, new Procedure room, new Med room, and new Check-in, Reception, Waiting and Scheduling areas. In order to create a durable and easily maintainable environment, luxury vinyl tile flooring was installed throughout the suite. The corridor now has a floor pattern that helps establish wayfinding into the exam room, as well as new signage throughout the suite.

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